Unit Coolers



Air coolers are crucial components in refrigeration systems and have a significant influence both on their running costs and on ensuring product quality. At Kelvion (Kuba) we are experts in cooler design, backed by 75 years of innovation and close collaboration with our customers. We have developed market-leading solutions for a wide range of applications, from food storage and processing to coolers for complex automotive test chambers.

คอยล์เย็นเป็นอุปกรณ์ทำลมเย็นในระบบห้องเย็น ที่มีผลต่อต้นทุนดำเนินงานและการรักษาคุณภาพของสินค้าในห้องเย็นอย่างมาก เคลเวียน(คูบา)เป็นผู้ผลิตคอยล์เย็นชั้นนำด้วยประสบการณ์และการวิจัยพัฒนากว่า 75 ปี คอยล์เย็นของเรามีใช้งานในวงการต่างๆมากมาย ตั้งแต่ห้องเย็นสำหรับการถนอมและแปรรูปอาหารจนถึงห้องเย็นสำหรับทดสอบยานยนต์

Blue Line

Blue Line Coolers are made for complex cooling and refrigeration applications such as precise humidity, energy optimized fan speed control, large refrigerated warehouses, long air throw, etc.

Long-term storage, safeguard maturing processes and precise humidity: these are the key performance factors for the Küba SG commercial classic. It satisfies complex commercial refrigeration requirements in production and processing of open and pre-packed food.

SG Classic

Complex cooling and refrigeration applications have demanding requirements, particularly on system components. Kelvion has thoroughly reworked its high-performance cooler SG commercial and has further optimized the matching of its individual components such as the heat exchanger and the fan system.

SG Commercial

System complexity depends on a wide range of factors. Construction conditions such as large refrigerated warehouses require large air throws. If the room is frequently filled or if products are removed regularly, opening and closing of doors leads to air throws. The installed air coolers must be able to handle such high moisture volumes and keep defrosting intervals to a minimum.

The Küba SG industrial air straighteners ensure that the air flow is directed, reaching air throws up to 110 m. Lower air volumes are required in storage areas: speed controlled fans ensure adequate movement of air throughout the storage phase.

SG Industrial

Green Line

Green Line Coolers are designed for simple cooling applications.

Compact DF is designed especially for small rooms with high turnover of goods such as Catering & Retail. The compact ceiling mounted evaporator has the appropriate cooling capacity to ensure the uniform distribution of air even in the corners.

Compact DF

The energy balance of a refrigeration system is the all-deciding factor. We have thoroughly reworked the Küba market SP as a complete system and have optimized the interaction among the individual components. Energy efficiency has been significantly enhanced through reduced current consumption and a great overall system performance.

Market SP