Miss Ananya Proyngoen



Age 42 Years
Current position The person supervising accounting
Shareholding proportion
(as March 13,2023)
130,086 shares (0.022%)
Date of appointment December 1, 2016

-Master of Accountancy (M.Acc.), Chulalongkorn University

-B.B.A. (Accounting), Rajamangala Institute of Technology Chakrabongsa Bhuvanarth Campus

Training program
  1. Business accounting and key issues according to accounting principles NPAEs
  2. Summary of important issues and problems encountered in the practice of TFRS 9, TFRS 15 and TFRS 16
  3. Financial reporting standards and essential accounting standards for accountants (TFRS15 ,TAS16, TAS38 ,TAS40)
  4. Improving, closing accounts and disclosing information to be in accordance with financial reporting standards.
  5. Corporate income tax for tax accountants
  6. Ethics training project for professional accountants only certified public accountant
Experience in the past 5 years

2016 – Present     Account Manager, Harn Engineering Solutions Plc.

2014 – 2015         Account Manager, I AM Consulting Co., Ltd.

2013 – 2014         Accounting Supervisor, Yum Restaurants International

Positions in other listed companies None
Dispute in the 10 Preceding Years None