Weiss Instruments

Weiss started in 1882 to manufacture of glass thermometers for industrial use. Business increased greatly due to an expanded product line, including pressure and temperature measuring instruments and controls for all types of industrial applications.

For over 100 years the Weiss name has been synonymous with quality and reliability. Whether you require instruments for temperature, humidity or pressure monitoring, the Weiss line offers a full range of outstanding products from which to choose. We are committed to quality and responsive service, factors so necessary in today’s business climate.

Pressure Gauge
Where vibration, corrosion and pulsating conditions exist, the Weiss line of stainless steel cased liquid filled and dry construction industrial pressure gauges are designed to meet the most severe applications. Weiss TL Gauges are intended for general service conditions, for pressure or vacuum on air, oil, water, gas or other mediums that do not attack brass. TL Gauges are furnished in drawn steel cases, finished in black.
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The Weiss 7" and 9" Vari-angle® is molded of GE Valox® polyester, 40% glass/mineral reinforced. This particular material has excellent strength, impact and stiffness properties which makes it perfect for the toughest applications. Some of the uses are process piping, tanks, pipelines in building construction, boilers and air ducts. The Vari-angle is a versatile thermometer that can be adjusted easily for optimum readability. Furnished in ranges up to and including 300°F.
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