Dr. Sukit  Litikorn

Age49 Years
Current positionEngineering Support Director: Refrigeration System
Shareholding proportion (as March 26, 2024) 526,353 shares (0.090%)
Date of appointmentDecember 1, 2016
Education–   D.Eng. (Mechanical), Kasetsart University
–   M.Eng. (Mechanical), Chulalongkorn University
–   B.Eng. (Mechanical), Kasetsart University
Training program1. Analytical Thinking and Systems Thinking for Cross-functional Problem Solving and Decision Making
2. Finding Innovation through Design Thinking (HARN INNO)
3. Knowledge of electricity, electrical installation design and intelligent system technology (Internet of Thing)
4. Risk Management, Chulalongkorn University
5. Bitzer International Seminar and Training, “Compressor and Application of Refrigeration System”, Stuttgart, Germany
6. Creative Sales and Marketing Strategies and Prediction
7. Technical knowledge of KUBA products
Experience in the past 5 years2015-Present     Engineering Support Director: Refrigeration System, Harn Engineering Solutions Plc.
2004-2015         Engineering Manager / Sales Manager, Chillmatch Co., Ltd.
2001-2014         Engineer, Chillmatch Co., Ltd.
2000-2001         Consulting Air Condition Engineer, Project Planning Service Co., Ltd.
Positions in other listed companiesNone
Dispute in the 10 Preceding YearsNone