Project “3D Printing Publisher HARN-Chula”

8 January 2019

Activity “3D Printing Publisher HARN-Chula”

For over 20 years that 3D Printing Technology has developed constantly but cost of printing nowadays is still over the par that instructors and students can easily access. For this reason, it is the main obstacle to develop Printing Technology and expand knowledge in Thailand.

Harn Engineering Solutions Public Company Limited sees this limitation and initiates activity “3D Printing Publisher HARN-Chula” which is one of the events for social and society. The project supports and allows instructors and students in all faculties able to access 3D Printing at much lower expense comparing to the market. In the trial period in Chulalongkorn University for almost 3 years, it is found that this initiative encourages new designs, prototypes, parts of machinery, box of electrical computer parts, industrial designs for studies and research of Chulalongkorn University for over 1,500 pieces per year and increasing drastically. This is such a good example that plays a part to develop social and society especially in terms of education to be more concrete and substantial.

Currently, the company focuses to develop usage of 3D Printing technology for medical and high engineering where Digital Light Projection was purchased and placed at the HARN-Chula Publisher and HARN’s Head Office to produce products with plain surface with high definition and precise for replica of hearts, bones, and skulls. Moreover, it includes engineering products that require explicitly. Therefore, it is a great chance to open “3D Printing Publisher for Chula” officially. The company hope that we would continue to be a part of this development and lift up capabilities to compete in educational sector for Thailand sustainably.