Harn 3DMed

Acquire raw data
Acquire raw data from MRI or CT Scan
Convert > Segmentation > Design to 3D File (STL / CAD)
Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite software
Prepare STL File
Materialise Magics software
Professional 3D Printer (Additive Manufacturing)
EnvisionTEC DLP 3D printer, EnvisionTEC 3SP 3D printer, EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter

Why Harn


  • 1. Anatomical Model
  • 2. Bio Fabrication
  • 3. Dental & Orthodontic
  • 4. Hearing Aids
  • 5. Manufacturing


Receive MRI / CT data file (DICOM File)

Create 3D Surface file

Process 3D design and modeling

Print 3D Model


HARN 3DMed can serve medical sector as a creator of STL files from patient’s MRI or CT scans and print solid 3D models. These 3D models or files can be used to create patient-specific implants, training medical professionals, planning advanced clinical procedures; medical image-based planning.

  • Installation and training by Professional team
  • Approach our service staff to check on your device eligibility
  • Create STL files from MRI or CT scans
  • Print solid 3D models

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