• Fire Protection & Safety
  • Air-Conditioning & Sanitary
  • Refrigeration
  • Digital Printing
  • HARN 3DMed
  • Fire Protection & Safety

    Fire Protection & Industrial, Petrochemical & Power Plant

  • Air-Conditioning & Sanitary

    Air-conditioning products are devices in building engineering system, used for controlling temperature and air quality at an appropriate level. A sanitary products distributed by the Company are valves, copper tube, fitting, flow switch, etc.

  • Refrigeration

    To be leader of cooling equipment distributor and leader of advanced and practical design of cooling systems and consultancy service

  • Digital Printing

    Sustainable Solution Provider of "Digital Printing" such as Expiry Daye, Lot Number, Coding and Marking, Digital UV Inkjet Label Press, QR/2D Code, Variable Data Printing Solutions, 3D Printing Solutions and after sales service with professional team.

  • HARN 3DMed

    3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The most common digital file format for 3D printing is STL. STL stands for standard triangle language and means that your design will be translated into triangles in a 3D space.

Harn Engineering Solutions Public Company Limited

Import and distribution of products used in building engineering system, ie. Fire suppression system, Air-conditioning system, Sanitary system, Refrigeration system and Digital Printing including the provision of consulting, designing services in projects and provision of engineering solutions complete.








Years of Experience

What Our
Customers Say

  • We knew HARN since we started the company. On our first construction project, we got HARN as our supplier. The impression of HARN is valuable technical answers that HARN provide at speed and precise. For paperwork and document, it is standardized.

    It has already prepared relevant information and explanation on every detail that you may curious which make the designing engineers understand particulars. We hope that HARN will always keep this high standard.

    Jurairat Makboon

    EEC Engineering Network
  • Our company use HARN for more than 8 years. We always get the right specification product and suit our needs.

    Ritta Co.,Ltd.
  • The product that we use is a high definition Inkjet for barcode printing and numbers on labels. For the past 3 years that we use HARN’s services, we receive many good advices and great services. HARN’s products are quality and match our needs that are also practical.

    Korakot Chaumbai
    Thai British Security Printing Company
  • We use HARN’s service for 7 – 8 years. A product that we use is Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) which is installed with blister packs machine that we sell where HARN assists in installation of the system and gave insightful advices.

    Udomchai Sangrit
    U.D. Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • I am HARN customers for about 10 years since the start of installing cool storage. I am impressed with both product and services as well as reasonable price. Such an al-in-one service indeed.

    Nattaya Sae-Tang
    Chiangmai Burapa Frozen Storage Group Co.,Ltd.
  • I used 3D Printer from HARN 3DMed to print skull models in preparation for surgery caused by bone misplacements on facial of patients (Craniotomy). It really helps to plan the operation in advance and more precise.

    Apart from surgery, it can also add on in educational aspects such as helping resident doctors and medical students to understand deeply of human complex anatomy.

    Dr. Chutima Jirapinyo
    Craniotomy, Chulalongkorn Hospital,
    The Thai Red Cross


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