HARN debut “TelePrint”, IoT

20 August 2017

Harn Engineering Solutions has a legacy for over 50 years and merged three companies namely Fire Victor Company Public Limited, Chillmatch Co., Ltd., and QIIS Co., Ltd. Altogether last year, HARN made a sale of 1,200 million Baht and expect a growth of 10% in 2017.

Mr. Thammanoon Tripetchr, Managing Director, Digital Printing System at Harn Engineering Solutions Public Company Limited explained on the origin and business overview of the company which merged three businesses altogether

1. Fire Protection and Safety System, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary System

2. Refrigeration System

3. Digital Printing System

which is further categorised into 3 main types

– Printing for labels: dates, expiry dates, inventory

– UV Digital Inkjet for Variable Data Printing

– 3D Printing

For total business solution with customer centricity

For service and customer service, Khun Thammanoon mentioned that “We are a business solution management for industries based on digital technology which comprised of variety of products and technologies of choices for consumers. Research team will collect data and analyse needs and select a suitable technology by determining from strengths and weaknesses as well as cost of production, operating cost, and maintenance so that each solution may answer customers’ needs and life time cost. More importantly, it is aiming to reduce human resources and operating time which is a 360-degree analysis by which customers’ goals are core. After that, the team will provide a summary and suggestion on the technology so that customers can make decision effectively based on the collected data.

HARN invests in sales managers, customer service, and develop human resources at constant. The staff to customer ratio is rather high which is one of the core values what guaranteed customers satisfaction”

TelePrint is an application for digital technology of the future

“For business support in the future, the foremost is digital technology; machines and equipment for sale must be certified for communication with ERP or with other devices.

Apart from this, HARN developed own application called TelePrint (Anytime, Anywhere and Anyone) which means that the application will enable communication between machines and devices that installed at customers which can be seen from distance at HARN’s base. For customers, the application displays status on devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks. It also tells performances of devices installed in factories. It will alert with notification for defects, new spare parts needed or parts to be changed within the next few hours.

For service team, the data will be shown from the same platform which means customers, the company, and management will see the same information which is effective for communication. IoT or digital technology adds great value and convenience” Khun Thammanoon added.

Sources: Asia-Pacific PLAS & PACK (Vol.11 Page 24-27)