HARN Opportunity Day Q2/2018

30 August 2018

HARN announced business performance of Quarter 2/2018 with Net Profit of 33.78 million Baht, an incremental from last year 31.01 million Baht which accounts to 8.95%.

Income structure of Harn Engineering Solutions Public Company Limited as of 30 June 2018. The company has net income of 673.48 million Baht, ratio of income was from Fire Protection System and Installation at up to 41.21%, Digital Printing Solutions at 27.06%, Refrigeration Solutions at 24.55%, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary 6.33%, and others 0.85%

A result of The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), creates continuous projects including new bidding which is a great opportunity to expand business in the future.

In 2018, the company focuses to create innovative products in the organisation in coupled with building quality products and services. Starting with Condensing Unit: iCDU that brings technology of Industrial Internet of Thing: IIoT to adapt and add value to products and services, creates competitive advantages, answers needs of consumers in Digital Era, as well as to broaden to new markets such as industrial air conditioning and overseas market.

Moreover, Digital Printing Solution Business Unit proposes Digital Printing, N610i which is the most modern nowadays with intelligent technology, a remark in the digital printing industry. It circulates printing simultaneously and reduces defects. The printing nozzles are self-cleaned which produce consistency of work. The nozzles are aligned automatically, therefore, there are more variety in production and able to maximize the width of the nozzles.

HARN is committed to hard work and continuous development to deliver premium products and services to our customers.