HARN Opportunity Day Y/2018

29 March 2019

Performance of HARN is rising together with the announcement of the opening of Innovation Project that support precautionary solutions to customers

Mr. Wirat Sukchai, Chief Executive Officer of Harn Engineering Solutions Public Company Limited announced the performance of 2018 in Opportunity Day held on 27 March at The Stock Exchange of Thailand where details are summarized below:

  • The company is growing continuously where the income from sales and services were 1,344.3 million Baht or an increase of 4.53% from 2018. Total Net Income is 134.4 million Baht
  • Target of 2019, revenue from sales and services will increase 14.56% or to reach 1,540 million Baht
  • Strategies and business direction of HARN will put importance to new innovations especially data analysis to increase efficiency in production, problem analysis and energy saving
  • HARN has started a Teleprint project of Printing & Digital Solution which is an IOT application that developed to show status of the digital printers and reported as text, notifications, waste of materials which can be trace back 24 – 48 hours or up to 30 days prior
  • The TeleChill is an IOT application that uses data of the cooling units to analyse the efficiency of the system and to reduce power consumption
  • Develop SMART Building to aid convenience and relies to the SMART CITY lifestyle.


For replay of the event, please click http://bit.ly/2OuRLem