HARN opportunity day’s announced Business Performance of Q3/2017

1 December 2017

Illustrated Business Performance of Q3/2017 in Opportunity Day by Harn Engineering Solutions Public Company Limited. Teamed by Mr. Wirat Sukchai, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Wisit Wachiralappaitoon, Finance Director, at the press conference on Friday 1 December, 2017 at Building B, Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Profit structure as of 30 September 2017 in main four business units; the company’s profit ratio was from Fire Protection & Safety System and Installation at 45.53%, followed by Refrigeration System at 24.26%, Digital Printing System at 22.69%, and 6.33% were from Air-Conditioning & Sanitary System, and others at 1.15%. Total of the past 9 business performance was 976.97 million Baht, which accounted for a gross profit of 272.4 million baht and net profit of 91 million baht.

“Recently, the company successfully negotiated and being accepted for Refrigeration system for a well-known chained convenience stores in the market. Expecting to receive the payment in Q4/2017 onwards which will increase the income at least 20 – 30 million baht.”

In terms of business opportunity and expansion in 3D printing, apart from business solutions in printing industry, HARN started to develop medical and biological solutions in collaboration with one of the leading universities in Thailand to build modelled organs of patients for research and medical treatment plan. As well as to communicate with the patients’ relatives and to educate medical student. The next step is a resolution to 3D printing biological tissues which will be able to market next year.

In summary, it is a good sign of a true sustainable business growth.