Mr. Prasert Deejongkit

Age57 Years
Current positionIndependent Director (Non-Executive)
Member of the Audit Committee
Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Shareholding proportion
(as March 13, 2023)
Date of appointmentApril 23, 2021
Years of independent directorship3 years (April 23, 2021 – Present)
Education– MBA (Financial Management (2nd honours)), National Institutes of Development Administration (NIDA)
– LLB, Sukhothai Thamathirat Open University, Nonthaburi
– BE (Mechanical Engineering), Chulalongkorn University
Training programTraining program of Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) :
1. Board Nomination & Compensation Program (BNCP), Class 14/2022
2. Director Accreditation Program (DAP), Class 184/2021

Other courses:
1. Islamic Banking and Finance: Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management, Euromoney Training, November 2008
2. Sasin Executives Program (SEP) 24, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University, September 2010
3. Leadership Succession Program (LSP) 2, Institute of Research and Development for Public Enterprises of Thailand Foundation (IRDP), June 2014
4. Strategic and Innovation for Business in Asia (SIBA) 4, CMMU, Mahidol University and Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 2015
5. Executive Development Program (EDP) 12, Fiscal Policy Research Institute Foundation, Ministry of Finance, August 2016
Experience in the past 5 years2021 – Present     Independent Director, Member of the Audit Committee, Harn Engineering Solutions Plc.
2021 – Present     Director, CMDF Digital Infrastructure for Capital Market Co., Ltd.
2020 – Present     EVP & Manager, Corporate Finance Department, Bangkok Bank Plc.
2019 – Present     Director, TRIS Corporation Limited
2015 – Present     Director, Club’s Board of Directors, Investment Banking Club, Association of Securities Companies (Thailand)
2013 – Present     Director, the Registered Provident Fund of Bangkok Bank Plc.
2020 – 2021         Director of Sub-Committee on Director on Debt Securities, The Securities and Exchange Commission
2009 – 2019         SVP & Manager, Corporate Finance Department, Bangkok Bank Plc.
Positions in other listed companies1. Bangkok Bank PLC.
Having a Special Interest that is Different from Other DirectorsNone
Dispute in the 10 Preceding YearsNone
Participation in administration, staff, employees or consultants who receive a regular salaryNone
Being a professional service provider, such as an auditor, legal advisorNone
Significant business relationships that May result in inability to perform duties independentlyNone