3D Printers

Since the founding of EnvisionTEC in 2002, with our pioneering DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, we have been innovators in the 3D printing space. But we don’t innovate for the sake of innovation. We do it to solve the real-world problems of our customers – professionals who manufacture prototypes, tooling, parts and final products for demanding cost-sensitive customers in a variety of industries. Today, we sell more than 40 models of 3D printers based on six distinct process technologies. Our printers are known for delivering excellent precision, surface finish, functionality and speed. And each of our families of printers below offers something special to meet the unique needs of our fast-growing list of customers and the industries in which they operate.

Rather than the weeks you might have traditionally waited for a prototype, a 3D printer allows you to produce your models again and again with the ability to test changes to the design almost immediately. Get your products to market faster and less expensively with an EnvisionTEC 3D printer.
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Dental & Orthodontic Applications
Our systems are being integrated into the digital workflow throughout the global dental industry as CAD/CAM and 3D printing are changing the dental industry at a very fast rate.
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Hearing Aids
EnvisionTEC DSP (Digital Shell Printer) models offer a perfect 3D printing solution for the Hearing Aid Industry with over sixteen biomedically approved materials to offer with various skin tone colors in addition to the newly launched soft material. The economics of running a DSP makes it the preferred choice for the Hearing Aid Industry with a throughput of over 30 shells every 90 minutes.
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