Harn 3DMed

Acquire raw data
MEDIT dental scanner, MRI or CT Scan
Create STL
Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite software, Exocad dental software, Orchestrate orthodontic 3D
Manage STL
Materialise Magics software
Print STL (Additive Manufacturing)
Envision TEC DLP 3D printer, Envision TEC 3SP 3D printer, EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter

Why Harn


  • 1. Bio Fabrication
  • 2. Dental & Orthodontic
  • 3. Hearing Aids
  • 4. Manufacturing


Receive MRI / CT data file (DICOM File)

Create 3D Surface file

Process 3D design and modeling

Print 3D Model


HARN 3DMed can serve medical sector as a creator of STL files from patient’s MRI or CT scans and print solid 3D models. These 3D models or files can be used to create patient-specific implants, training medical professionals, planning advanced clinical procedures; medical image-based planning.

  • Installation and training by Professional team
  • Approach our service staff to check on your device eligibility
  • Create STL files from MRI or CT scans
  • Print solid 3D models

Our Experts