4. Fire Alarm Systems

Potter Electric

As the century continued, Potter’s central station business became the basis for the development of sprinkler supervisory devices, switches for intrusion protection, vault and safe protection systems, and fire alarm system and control panels.

Today, Potter is carrying on the legacy of Charles E. Potter by combining the latest technology in fire protection with the dedicated manpower for which they have been known for over one hundred years. With unwavering dedication to their customers, Potter looks to continue as the industry standard in both product and service.

NOTIFIER - Leaders in Life. Safety. Technology For over 60 years, NOTIFIER has been in a leadership position in the fire alarm industry. Today, we are the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with over 400 distributors worldwide, and regional support operations on every continent helping to ensure we provide the flexibility and options your business needs. Our commitment to products and partnerships is what propels NOTIFIER to stand proudly above the rest.
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Protectowire is the originator of Linear Heat Detectors and the leading manufacturer of Special Hazard Linear Heat Detection Systems. Our solutions include complete alarm systems for fire detection suitable for a vast array of industrial and commercial applications. For over 75 years, many of the world’s largest companies have chosen Protectowire Fire Detection Systems to protect their valuable assets and business operations. We have built our reputation on proven product reliability, extensive experience and innovation across a vast array of industries and outstanding customer service support.
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Air Sampling Smoke Detection System (ASD)
WAGNER intends to defend and extend its position as a global technology and Market leader with its innovative OxyReduct (Oxygen Reduction - active fire prevention) and TITANUS ASD (Highly Sensitive early-warning fire detection) systems. An Air Sampling Smoke detection (ASD) is one of five ways listed in the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code to detect smoke. Additionally listed are: spot-type smoke detectors, projected beam-type smoke detectors, duct mounted smoke detectors, and video image smoke detectors. Air sampling detectors use three main components: the detector, which includes the fan and detection chamber, the air sampling pipe (usually ¾” CPVC), and sampling ports, which are holes drilled in the pipe. The fan inside the detector draws air from the protected room into the sampling holes, channeling it back through the pipes and into the detector, where the detection chamber both detects for the presence of smoke and measures the quantity of smoke in the air. Sampling holes at the ceiling level are arranged just as spot-type smoke detectors would be and follow the same spacing rules.
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Video Fire Detection System (VFDS)
GKB is a global security solution company, offering a total solution for professional installers, distributors, and end consumers. Based in Taichung, Taiwan, we are a global market leader in HD-CCTV, CCTV, IP, Home Automation, Fire Detection System, and Mobile Video Solution. GKB's Video Fire Detection System (VFDS™) is a solution which utilizes VID (Video Image Detection) technology to detect flame and smoke, both during the daytime and at night. VFDS™ consists of video-based analytical algorithms that allow integration between analog cameras and advanced servers to create a complete flame and smoke detection system. VFDS™ is able to cover large areas, with immediate visual verification capability. The system provides an answer to the inadequacies inherent in conventional flame and smoke detection, such as: slow detection times; an inability to conduct immediate and remote verification; the need for regular inspection and maintenance; and an intensive, costly initial installation. It is easy to install and configure, providing hassle-free convenience to system integrators.
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